THE flood

for the first time of my life
really directly suffered from natural disaster,like flood

I left my last two blog entries unfinished and it might need more time to fill in

I am staying at my friend's place with Crys @sunnybank,I think the flood wont attack a place so far from the riverside and sea shore.

hope it will soon go away.

This is really an unique experience of life.
Wake up and see water all around downstairs,grad some necessity and walk through water.take an emergency car to a public refuge.
flood is server but i m kinda excited a little bit. XD

so hope we can go home soon.

ps.I really thought about going to Mel to escape from the flood AND watch tennis games. just dreaming

QLD tennis centre is all in water now,I'm so sad.Last week I go there so often. So much memory there.
but fortunately the flood didnt come last week.

The reason I m writing this all in English is coz this computer is in Taiwan version system and i know nothing about Taiwan type input. lol

Pray 4 Brisbane and Queensland and Aus overall